The Summerfield Summary is the official monthly newsletter sponsored by the Summerfield Civic Association Board of Directors.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information to the Summerfield community that is of interest to the residents of the community.  It is used to communicate news and information about the business of the Summerfield Civic Association and SCA approved Committees, Clubs and Activites.

Summary Policy and Procedure April 2015

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August 2020 Newsletter

Note: Due to the printing deadline of the August newsletter, we were unable to share additional information related to the Swimming Pool.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be opening up the swimming pool this year.  At this point, Washington County is still in Phase 1, which does not permit pool openings.  Even if we were to move into Phase 2, there are quite a few restrictions that cause significant challenges for the association.  For example, we would need to hire a “pool monitor” for a specific set number of hours per day and they would have the responsibility of limiting the number of residents ( estimated at 10 for our size pool), verifying visit time (one or two hours per a pre-scheduled arrangement), with no guests / grandchildren (to allow time for more residents); also responsible for the cleaning of all items that are frequently touched (pool railing, shower, restrooms, etc.). There would be no furniture put out, residents could bring there own, plus masks/face coverings required when not actually in the water.  We are all very sad about this situation!

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