Clubs are formed by a group of residents with a common interest. Clubs may choose to develop their own by-laws, elect officers, generate funding, etc. at their discretion. The SCA Board does not sponsor or participate in Club activities, they encourage any Clubs that add to the enjoyment of Summerfield residents. New Clubs need to be officially approved by the SCA Board (first routed through the Clubhouse Committee). If you have an idea for a Club, you can put in a “Call for Interest” in this newsletter and on the hallway bulletin board. You should also check the online Clubhouse Calendar to see about possible dates and times for meetings. If you have a new idea, please set up an appointment with the SCA administrator to review the established policies, procedures and guidelines.

Committees serve the Board, and members are appointed by the Board. They assist with the various duties and responsibilities of the association and it’s amenities as per the CC&Rs, By-Laws and other governing documents. There are procedures for the required officers, responsibilities, and if necessary, funding.