The only 100% definitive way is to hire a professional survey company to locate your property corners. But, you can also get a rough idea online! It looks cumbersome, but just follow along, step by step, and it’s easy. Go to: Washington County Maps.

  • Click on the map icon under the words ‘InterMap Individual Property / Tax lot Research Tool’.
  • Next, type in the address you are interested in, you will see a long list of choices, then choose the address again. On the map, you will see a red dashed line around the property (this is your property line).
  • To see the aerial view, click on Maps drop-down on the upper right side, choose Aerial. You can also zoom in here and it gives a better vantage point for viewing trees, paths, etc. Remember that trees can be tricky, as the trunk isn’t always directly under the canopy, it could be at an angle that is undetectable in an aerial view.