There was a Resolution adopted in December 2004 by the SCA Board that clarified their position on parking. A full copy of the Resolution is available on our website or from our office. Here is an excerpt:

Section 1.2 of the Declaration prohibits the parking of certain vehicles on lots or on Summerfield streets. This section has two primary purposes. First, the rule attempts to aesthetic values within Summerfield. Ideally, every vehicle within Summerfield, when not n use, would be parked within a unit’s garage, with the garage door closed. While this may not be possible as a practical matter, it is the preference of the Summerfield residents…. The second primary purpose behind the prohibition against parking certain vehicles is community safety. The more vehicles that are parked on Summerfield streets and the larger the vehicles are, the more safety hazards are presented, both due to narrowed travel and obstructions to the vision of drivers and pedestrians. Accordingly, the Summerfield regulations are designed to minimize the number of vehicles that may be parked on such streets, they are smaller, traditional passenger vehicles rather than trucks, campers, etc.

In addition to the SCA’s preference of parking is in the garage W we also follow the Municipal Code for the City of Tigard. The full code can be found on their website,, but here is an excerpt:

10.32.200 Obstructing Streets.

no person shall place, park, deposit or leave upon any street or other public way, sidewalk or curb, any article or thing or material which in any way prevents, interrupts or obstructs the free passage of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. . .”

The owner or responsible party shall keep a public street and/or sidewalk abutting their property free from earth, rock and other debris and other objects that may obstruct or render the street or sidewalk unsafe for its intended use.

It is preferred that vehicles be pulled up as far in the driveway as possible so as not to not obstruct the sidewalk. If one finds that the sidewalk is obstructed, then safe street parking is the next best option (not on a curve).