Architectural / Landscape

Summerfield MapThe Summerfield Civic Association Architectural / Landscape Committee is dedicated to helping maintain the attractiveness of the Summerfield Community.  The Committee provides direction to homeowners on how to keep their property well maintained, and to ensure consistent application of rules in order to maintain an attractive and desirable appearance in our community.  The Committee oversees and controls the external design, appearance, location, and maintenance of any and all improvements (both architectural and landscape) on any lot or residential unit in Summerfield in accordance with the provisions of the revised CC&Rs and the Architectural / Landscape Manual.

Architectural Landscape Manual REVISED FEB 2022

Change Request Form


This Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, excluding December.


This Committee consists of 6-10 members, with one being chosen as Chairperson by the Committee. Any resident of Summerfield interested in helping to keep Summerfield a beautiful place in which to live can serve once approved by the SCA Board.  Each member serves a 3 year term, or longer if re-approved by the SCA Board.


This Committee processes Architectural / Landscape Change Requests submitted by residents for the exterior of their residence.


As received, the Chairman disburses the Change Requests to members of the Committee by assigned territory. The Committee member checks to make sure the request complies with the Architectural / Landscape Manual, meets with the resident and either approves or rejects the Change Request as submitted.  When the approved work is completed, the resident is to call the Committee member so he/she can meet with them to sign off that the work has been finished according to the Change Request submitted.  Completed Change Requests are kept on file at the Clubhouse.

If a request is rejected by the Committee, the resident may appeal to the SCA Board. If the Board denies the request, a written denial will be sent to the resident with the reason for the denial.

We also receive complaints regarding violations.  We try to handle all problems in a timely manner.  Our goal is to work WITH YOU.  We all enjoy the beauty of Summerfield and our goal is to keep it attractive for our neighbors and ourselves.