Governing Documents


This section includes documents that govern the Summerfield Civic Association. The By-laws establish the Summerfield Civic Association, the Board of Directors and their responsibilities.  The Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the rules by which we make Summerfield an attractive and pleasant place to live.  Please note that there are resolutions as well.

Additionally, there is a Policy & Procedures manual.  Some parts of the manual are not published on this website, as they relate to personnel / employment, of which the Administrator and/or Board of Directors have jurisdiction.

The Architectural / Landscape Committee is a Board appointed Committee to provide direction to homeowners to assure consistent application of rules and standards.  The Committee shares a Board approved manual. If you are considering a change to the exterior of your property, please read the manual, then complete the Change Request form.  Please submit two copies of the Change Request form to the Summerfield Civic Association office.


Change Request
Summerfield By-Laws


RESOLUTION to reference new CC&Rs, October 2017

October 13, 1997 – SCA board’s authority to levy fines for CC & R violations

April 9, 2001 – SCA clarifies the definition of “immediate family”

December 10, 2001 – Durham Brick Fence Responsibility

December 13, 2004 – Parking Clarification

May 14, 2012 – Resolution regarding rental exemption for units held for sale

May 11, 2015 Resolution regarding Electronic Notice and Electronic Ballots


Summerfield CC&Rs
CC&Rs Amendment, Signs and Occupancy, Recorded April 2018


2022 Assessment Fees

Assessments and Fees Information, E500 September 2018

Clubhouse Access (fobs/cards) Policy & Procedure

Clubs Policy & Procedure

Common Areas Expected Behavior Policy & Procedure

Gifts and Memorial Donations

Golf Course Rules

Lower Level Game Rooms

Summerfield Newsletter – Content Policy

Swimming Pool Rules, Revised May 2015

Tennis Courts

Architectural / Landscape Committee Policy & Procedure D 4.22


Insurance Certificate 2022-23

2022 Budget Summary

2022 Assessment Fees

2022 Reserve Study

2021 Board Meeting minutes

January – June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes