Course Rules


Sec. F 6.21

Revised:  11/20/06, 11/9/09,  9/10/12, 7/15, 3/17, 11/18, 1/20, 7/21


Summerfield has an outstanding golf course. In order to maintain this outstanding course in the most economical manner, and to maintain the pleasant atmosphere of Summerfield, it is important that all golfers adhere to these rules.

  1. GOLF COURSE USE: The golf course, including cart paths, is to be used only for playing golf.  Any other use, day or night, as riding, either in golf cars or on bicycles, jogging or walking, is prohibited. The Golf Pro Shop staff, at their discretion, may approve a non-golfer to accompany a paid golfer as a walker/rider, provided the course is not busy.  Annual golf dues from Summerfield residents are payable before playing 1st round of golf for current year.

It is prohibited to feed the ducks or geese on any part of the golf course;  pets are not allowed on the course or in golf cars (exception: service animals).

It is prohibited to play or search for a golf ball on private property.  The white stakes and/or lines define the perimeter of the golf course.  All residential property on the opposite side of the stakes and/or lines is considered private property.  PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS.

Golf course ponds are intended to be an integral part of the game of golf.  If your golf ball ends up in one of the ponds, you may retrieve your ball as long as you can do it without entering the pondIt is strictly prohibited to retrieve additional balls at any time.  Please be aware that all ponds are filled with reclaimed water.

  1. GOLFER RESPONSIBILITY: All players using the facilities of the Summerfield Golf Course must abide by the course rules, accepting full responsibility and assuming all risk of injury to themselves, all liability to others, and for any property damage to the course and private residences caused by them while on this golf course.  ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE GOLF COURSE.

Course management reserves the right to deny play to any person.

  1. TEE TIMES: Tee times may be made  one week in advance.   (Exception: Summerfield Annual Passholders may only make weekend/holiday tee times starting on the Thursday before).  Those who have signed up for golf must report in at the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee-off time; if golfer is not present, the tee time will be forfeited.  If you are unable to meet the scheduled time, please call the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  2. REGISTRATION: Each person must be registered at the Pro Shop prior to start of each round,  have their own bag and clubs, and start at #1 tee, except for special games.  Public players and guests of members will use the cash register receipts/colored tags to verify that proper fees have been paid if challenged by the Starter or Marshal. If Pro Shop is closed and you have an Annual Pass/Off-Season Pass, you may still play golf as long as you start on the #1 tee.

Players who register to play nine holes and then desire to play a second round will be given the 1st available tee time.  No one playing a second round is allowed to step in front of another booked tee time. 

Singles and twosomes may start only after approval by the Starter;  no more than four players are permitted to play in one group, except as approved by the the golf shop staff.

No more than two golf cars per group are permitted, except when carts are restricted to cart paths.  Powered carts and hand carts must be kept on the golf cart paths at tee sites.

  1. CHILDREN: Children 7 years and under will not be permitted on the golf course at any time.  This includes riding in golf carts and practice putting greens. Golfers age 8 to 15 may play with proper supervision (as determined by the Pro Shop).
  2. ETIQUETTE: Nine holes of play should be completed in a maximum of two hours and fifteen minutes; slow players should allow faster players to play through when the next hole is open.  Courtesy is primary.  Practicing on the course is prohibited.  Chipping onto the practice green from a greater distance that 10 feet is prohibited.
  3. GOLF ATTIRE: Players must wear suitable attire –  shirts and shoes are required.  Swimming trunks, high heels, halters or tank tops are not permitted, as specified in Summerfield dress code posted in the Pro Shop.
  4. POWERED CARS AND CARTS: Power carts must display the Summerfield Annual Registration  Fee sticker.  Cars and carts must be kept at least 30 feet from greens, and pull carts 10 feet from greens and not be pulled between bunkers and greens. 
  5. REMEMBER: Replace divots (yours and other ones);  repair ball marks on greens; rake bunkers; and replace rake in the bunker. 

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