Neighborhood Watch

The Summerfield Neighborhood Watch Committee was organized by involved residents in the early days of Summerfield and is still a very viable part of our community.



  • To maintain an accurate account of occupancy and emergency contact information in Summerfield’s 5 security areas, which are referenced on the Summerfield Security Map located outside the main office
  • To encourage Summerfield residents’ awareness of their physical surroundings, of their neighbors, and of neighborhood crime prevention strategies


  • The Committee consists of the Chair and 16 Area Coordinators.
  • Each security area has several Area Coordinators and Block Captains, depending on the size of the area.


  • Area Coordinators will meet with their respective Block Captains biannually, prior to the scheduled Committee meetings.
  • The Committee will meet biannually.


  • Area Coordinators will disseminate relevant information to Block Captains, who will pass information to Summerfield residents. 
  • Block Captains will submit current occupancy and emergency contact information to their Area Coordinators on a quarterly basis.
  • Area Coordinators will forward quarterly updates to the Chair.
  • The Committee Chair will maintain the current master copy of all Summerfield residents, and will provide a copy to the Disaster Preparedness Committee on a quarterly basis.