Disaster Planning


The Disaster Planning Committee develops a plan of action to ensure Summerfield residents are prepared and ready to deal with a major disaster in our community which can include earthquake, fire, severe storms, and/or widespread, prolonged power outages. This plan will require approval of the SCA Board.


The Disaster Planning Committee will seek out several representatives from each of the neighborhoods in Summerfield. These representatives will make up the core of the Committee, in addition to those people who have called the ad hoc Committee and expressed an interest in being involved in Disaster Planning. These individuals can also serve as neighborhood representatives.

The Disaster Planning Committee will work very closely with the Neighborhood Watch Committee particularly in the area of information gathering and information sharing. The plan will incorporate wherever possible those Area Coordinators and Block Captains that are willing to be trained in disaster response and also willing to check on an assigned number of individuals in their area to determine their situation and special needs.


Membership will consist of one representative from each neighborhood. He or she in turn will represent the three to four individuals who are willing to be disaster trained and who will physically check on their assigned neighbors immediately following a catastrophic event affecting their neighborhood.

Officers would consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer.


Meetings will initially be held once a month. This may evolve into quarterly meetings once the Committee has been established. Ideally, emergency drills would take place at least twice a year.


Here are the contents that were in the lime green folder distributed to residences in spring 2017:

What to do After a Major Earthquake

Must Have Emergency Supplies

How to Shut Off Gas & Water

Skills and Tools Inventory


Recommended First Aid Supplies

Preparedness Calendar