There are a variety of types Committees in Summerfield.  The Architectural / Landscape, Clubhouse, Common Area Landscaping and Swimming Pool Committees maintain the integrity of the community and the properties of Summerfield and the Summerfield Civic Association.  The Chairperson and all members of these Committees are appointed by the SCA Board of Directors and serve for a specific period of time.  There are also other Committees that support the community, the amenities and the operations or business of Summerfield Civic Association.  Occasionally the Board of Directors establishes a temporary special committee to serve for a definite or indefinite time period to manage a project (Clubhouse renovation), resolve an issue (cable TV contact) or handle Summerfield business (Nominating Committee).  All members of these special committees are board appointed or approved.

All activities are held in the Clubhouse.

Committee Chair names and  phone numbers are available in the printed Summerfield Directory and on the Residents Only section of this website.