Ping Pong

Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM – Lower Level Game Room

“Table Tennis” is the term for the professional sport.  What we play every weekday morning at the Summerfield Clubhouse is “ping pong”.  We’re all amateurs who enjoy the exercise and camaraderie of playing each game with a different partner or opponent.  We are not a Summerfield “club”; we are just a loose collection of folks who enjoy playing ping pong, so there are no club dues or fees to pay.  You don’t even need to own your own ping pong paddle because there are plenty to choose from in the Lower Level Game Room of the Clubhouse.  If our schedule doesn’t fit into your routine, the room is always available to Summerfield residents during regular Clubhouse hours.  But, if you are available during our regular “ping pong hours”, we’d love to have you play with us whenever you can.