Clubs and Activities

There are a wide range of Clubs in Summerfield. Clubs that are related to athletic activities, artistic endeavors, cards and games and various hobbies. There is just about a Club for everyone and they are generally open to all Summerfield residents, although some may require knowledge of the subject (see each Club’s rules).  If you need information about a Club or activity, call the person listed in the Summerfield Directory under Clubs and Activities. If there are no Clubs or Activities that satisfy your interests, you can find others who share your interest and establish a new Club.* 

Current clubs at Summerfield include:
Art Clubs
Book Club
Cards & Games
Computer and Technology
Quilting Club
Physical Fitness
Ping Pong
Social Activities


*To establish a new Club, first read Summerfield’s policies and procedures for clubs to make sure your idea qualifies as a sanctioned Club.  Next, find other people to join you by talking to your friends and neighbors and requesting an article in the Summerfield Summary Newsletter.  If there are enough people interested in your new Club, write up a description of the Club, its membership requirements, dues, officers, and any other information you feel is pertinent.  Submit this to the SCA Office for approval through the Clubhouse Committee, and also at the next SCA Board Meeting.  If your Club is approved, reserve a room and time for your meetings and notify your prospective members.  Finally, establish and enjoy your new Club.