Clubhouse Use Form



The Clubhouse and its facilities are intended for the use of residents of Summerfield. The Clubhouse Committee is charged with administering the policies for the use of these facilities. The Committee also has the responsibility of recommending [or not] any group applying as a “recognized club” to the SCA Board so the group may use the Clubhouse facilities without being subject to rules pertaining to “private parties.” To qualify, the group must be open to all dues-paying residents, but may have minimum practical restrictions for participation such as ability or gender.  It is the Board’s intent that a Club membership and/or enrollment in classes be open to all residents.  When a group applies for listing as a “Recognized Club,” the Clubhouse Committee must forward along the group’s application with its comments and/or recommendations to the Board within 30 days.  Recognition shall be by the Board of the Summerfield Civic Association.”



The Committee will meet in the Clubhouse conference room each month 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the SCA Board Meeting. A simple majority of the membership will constitute a quorum, provided they include the Chair or Vice Chair and the Secretary or his/her designee.


The Committee will consist of a minimum of twelve (12) Summerfield residents, all in good standing with the Association. The Committee will maintain membership of approximately 50% each men and women, but will not decline willing service of a resident due strictly to gender considerations.  Each member will serve a two-year term with an option for a third year. Every prospective new member should receive a copy of the Policies and Procedures before being elected as a member so they will know what is expected. Once the Clubhouse Committee approves each prospective member, their name is submitted to the SCA Board for final approval.

Members should be open to sharing tasks of the committee as needed, such as those listed under Officers or Responsibilities. In the event a member resigns or is unable to complete a two-year term, a new member will be appointed to complete that term, thus keeping proper rotation in effect.  Past members will be eligible to serve on the committee for another term after an absence of one year.  The SCA Board provides a Director to serve as liaison, and he/she may attend meetings.

Officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Committee members and officers will be selected by the Committee.

The Chair shall be elected by the Committee members for a term of one year and must have served on the Committee for one year.  His/her one-year term will commence at the September meeting.  In addition to presiding at all Committee meetings, the Committee Chair shall – in cooperation with the Administrator and the SCA Board – consider large repairs or projects currently under way or that may be identified by the Clubhouse Committee in the future.  Small purchases may be made by the Chair to keep supplies on hand, with approval of the Administrator.

  • The Vice-Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair, provide a mentor to all new members, and ensure that sign-up sheets are available for Clubhouse inspection duties. The Vice Chair will be responsible for seeing that someone keeps D420 Policies & Procedures up to date with any changes the Clubhouse Committee makes.
  • The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, read any correspondence; and if asked, read the minutes of the previous meeting. All committee members will receive a copy of the minutes, as will the Administrator and Liaison member to the SCA Board.  The secretary will be responsible for seeing that someone updates the roster when needed.

Project Coordination: As soon as the Clubhouse Committee can identify exterior problem(s) on the Clubhouse, they will notify the Architecture Committee so that appropriate action may be taken. These exterior changes shall require the dual review of both the Clubhouse Committee and the Architectural Committee. Examples of major changes or maintenance include structural changes, roofing, painting, decking, etc.  Exceptions to the dual review include urgent or emergency maintenance/repairs or small maintenance/repairs that should be first coordinated with the Administrator.

Any repairs or projects concerning the clubhouse building must be presented to and approved by the Clubhouse Committee.

Unless an emergency arises, the Board will deal with requests only after consideration by the Clubhouse Committee. It should be understood that all final decisions on major projects will be made by the SCA Board.


  • Clubhouse Inspection: Members of the Committee shall sign up for four weeks a year to inspect the kitchen/ballroom areas after use by scheduled applicants.  Inspectors will double check all items on the Check-off Sheet in the kitchen no later than the 9 a.m. the morning after the event to note any infractions of the rules.  Any improper conditions that cannot be resolved will be reported to the SCA Administrator for correction.  If not corrected, the deposit check, if applicable, may be withheld for further consideration by the SCA Administrator.  When back-to-back events are scheduled, room/kitchen conditions after each event must be thoroughly checked prior to the next one.  All groups must complete cleanup according to the check-off sheet; however, Summerfield committees and clubs do not have to put furniture back or vacuum unless another event follows before the custodian can do those chores.

An optional but encouraged inspection will include nightly checking of all doors on the main floor and lower level of the clubhouse.

  • Special Event Supervision: Each applicant using the Lakeview, Ballroom and Kitchen areas    will meet with the Special Event Advisor to go over guidelines for using these      areas and equipment.  The Advisor will review the Policies and Procedures with all           applicants prior to their event and Monitors will be secured at the applicant’s             expense if the Advisor and/or Committee Chair or Calendar Coordinator deem there is a       Special attention will be paid to any problems reported by the inspector or     custodian after an applicant’s event.  Any identified problems will be addressed by the      Advisor or Calendar Coordinator before the Summerfield office refunds any deposit, if   applicable.

Kitchen Management:  A committee member will take the position of Kitchen Coordinator to see that the premises are up to standard.   Outside custodial service for cleaning may be needed from time to time, over and above cleanup after scheduled functions.  This is arranged in cooperation with the Administrator.

A semi-annual inventory is made, with copies given to the Administrator (along with a list of needed equipment) and to the Committee Chair, Special Event Advisor and Calendar Coordinator.

Small repairs: Members with specific skills can do small repair jobs they or the Committee deems needed. There is an on-going Project List.

Bid Procurement: After writing a set of specifications to perform identified work, a member will contact potential contractors for bids. All contracts will be approved and signed by the SCA Administrator or SCA Board President.

Men’s and Women’s Fitness Centers: A member will see that equipment in each room is maintained in safe working order, rooms are kept clean and repaired and there are no safety features that need to be addressed.

Flag Management: A member will be responsible for displaying the American flags on at least the following specific days: Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, Presidents’ Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, September 11th, Veterans’ Day.  This person shall also be responsible for retiring tattered or faded flags.

Ad Display Board:  A member will arrange information on the ad display (most often a bulletin) board by dating each ad and removing after a 30-day period.  The size of ads shall not exceed 5 X 7 inches.  Supervision shall be on a regular basis, keeping it neat and orderly by removing over-sized pieces and out-dated ads.

Holiday Decorations:  The Committee shall appoint a person – in or outside of the Clubhouse Committee – to supervise the installation and removal of decorations in the Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse decorating shall be completed by the Thursday following Thanksgiving, at the latest.  All clubs and committees that participate in the decorating will be notified when to decorate and remove decorations in their areas.  All holiday decorations will typically be taken down January 3rd.

Plant upkeep: As above, this does not have to be done by a member of the Clubhouse Committee. This person keeps plants watered, trimmed, dusted and reports to the Committee if there is a problem or replacement needed.

Miscellaneous Projects as needed: Periodic spring cleaning of Kitchen, Club and Committee cupboards.

The SCA Board will work with the Clubhouse Committee in making any changes in policy or the Clubhouse Use form.