Summerfield Women’s Golf Club

Summerfield Women’s Golf is open to all residents and we host many events during the year.  We play as a group every Tuesday and Thursday morning from April through the last week of October.  We have a scramble the first Thursday of each month, followed by a brown bag lunch and general meeting.  The club holds a variety of activities and tournaments during the year.  There are luncheons, guest day, club exchanges and an annual Charity Tournament.

At the end of season play, we enjoy a closing luncheon with awards given for most birdies, chip-ins, least putts and most improved player.  At this time we also install the new officers for the following year.

As a resident of Summerfield you can join the Summerfield Women’s Golf Club.  The club welcomes and provides encouragement, support and camaraderie to all women golfers, both new and experienced.

Annual dues for the Summerfield Women’s Golf Club are $25.00.  This fee provides you all the privileges of membership, and includes the handbook and a handicap on Scorekeeper for our Club.  Should you also want to belong to the OGA handicap system, it is an additional $33.00 and is optional.

Establishing Handicap
New golfers must play and post 5 rounds of 9 holes of golf in order to receive a handicap.  We have fun playing golf and want you to enjoy it also.  We will assign you a “Big Sister” to help you through your first year.  She will see that you are properly signed up for play, introduce you to members and walk you through rules and scoring.  Your “Big Sister” will be happy to help you through your journey at Summerfield.

If you are interested in joining the Women’s Golf Club, contact any officer listed on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse downstairs lobby by the Pro Shop.

We hope you will join us.

Summerfield Men’s Golf Club

The first documented competition in the Summerfield’s Men’s Golf Club was in 1975.  The club is composed of between 150 to 180 members who play 9 holes on Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as various tournaments during the year.  The most popular tournaments are the Chapmans for the members and their wives or another lady of choice which are held the first Monday of the month from April through October with each followed by a catered dinner in the Clubhouse.  Other tournaments held by the club are two match play tournaments, the spring handicap tournament, a two man partners tournament, the club championship, a horse race and the final tournament of the year, the President’s Classic.  Prizes for the tournaments come from the entry fee for each golfer and separate from yearly club does of $25.00 for non Oregon Golf Association (OGA) members and $58.00 for OGA members.  The club also maintains a hole-in-one fund which rewards $100.00 for each hole-in-one recorded by a club which rewards $100.00 for each hole-in-one recorded by a club member on the course.

The club governing board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer plus 22 chairmen of the various tournaments and activities of the club.  This board meets monthly during the regular golf season from April through October which includes general club meetings June and October to regulate the daily and tournament play as well as develop the yearly budget for the club.

New members are invited to join by contacting the club President or Treasurer as listed on the club board member list posted on the men’s golf club bulletin board in the lounge area next to the pro shop in the lower level of the clubhouse.  Come join the fun.

Here is 2016 Summerfield Men’s Golf Club schedule:


5             Tues.      Play Polar Bear Open (10:00 AM Shotgun)

20           Wed.      Start Sign up Valentine’s Day Tournament (to 2/5)


2             Tues.      Officers and Committee Chairmen Meeting, 9:00 AM

9             Tues.      Play Valentine’s Day Tournament   (10:00 AM Shotgun)

17           Wed.      Start Sign up for St. Patrick’s Tournament (to 3/4)


8            Tues.      Play St. Patrick’s Tournament (10:00 AM Shotgun)


4&5        M&T      Aerate Greens (Course Closed for Two Days)

5             Tues.      Officers and Committee Chairmen Meeting, 9:00 AM

6             Wed.      Start Sign Up for Match Play 9 Hole Tournament (to 4/24)

6             Wed.      Start Sign Up  Chapman # 1 (to 4/29)

11            Mon.      Sand Fairways (Course to remain open to residents only)


1              Sun.       Start Match Play 9 Hole Tournament

2             Mon.      Play Chapman # 1  (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)

3             Tues.      Officers and Committee Chairmen  Meeting, 9:00AM

4             Wed.      Start Sign Up  Chapman # 2 (to 6/3)

11            Wed.      Start Sign Up Spring Handicap (to 6/10)


1             Mon.       Start Sign Up for Rob’s SMGC Spring Tourney (Best 3 of 5)

6             Mon.       Play Chapman #2 (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)

7             Tues.       General Membership Meeting 7:00 PM

7             Tues.       Start Sign Up Chapman # 3 (to 6/24)

15           Wed.       Play Spring Handicap

17            Fri.         Play Spring Handicap

27           Mon.      Play Chapman #3 (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)

29          Wed.       Start Sign Up 2 Man Best Ball (to 7/15)


6             Wed.      Start Sign Up Member Guest (to 7/22)

12           Tues.      Officers and Committee Chairmen Meeting, 9:00 AM

13           Wed.       Sign Up for Chapman #4 (to 7/29)

15            Fri.         Start Sign Up Home & Home (to 8/17)

20           Wed.      Play 2 Man Best Ball

22            Fri.        Play 2 man Best Ball

25            Mon.      Play Member-Guest (9:00 AM Shotgun)

27            Wed.      Start Sign Up Club Championship (to 8/19)


1             Mon.       Play Chapman # 4  (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)

2             Tues.      Officers and Committee Chairmen Meeting, 9:00 AM

3             Wed.      Sign Up Match Play Tournament (to 8/28)

8             Mon.      Play Home & Home at Summerfield

10           Wed.      Sign Up Chapman #5 (to 8/26)

24           Wed.      Play Club Championship (18 Holes)

24           Wed.      Start Sign Up Wakefield Scramble (t0 9/16)

26           Fri.         Play Club Championship (18 Holes)

29           Mon.       Play Chapman  #5  (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)


1              Thurs.     Start 18 Hole Match Play Tournament

6              Tues.       Officers and Committee Chairman Meeting, 9:00 AM

7              Wed.       Start Sign Up Al Coutant Horse Race (to 9/25)

7              Wed.       Start Sign Up Chapman #6 (to 9/30)

12/13      M&T       Aerate Greens (Close course for two days)

12            Mon.      Sign Up Marshal’s Tournament (to 10/5)

14            Wed.      Start Sign up for President’s Classic & Dinner (to 10/12)

19            Mon.     Play Wakefield Scramble

26           Mon.      Sand Fairways (Course To Remain Open For Residents Only)


1               Sat.        Start Play for Rob’s Fall Handicap (Best 3 of 5 Rounds)

3              Mon.      Play Chapman # 6   (10:00 AM & 1:00 PM Shotgun)

4              Tues.      Al Coutant Memorial Horse Race (12:00 PM)

10            Mon.      Marshal/Starter Tournament

17             Mon.     Play President’s Classic

17             Mon.     Annual Dinner & General Membership Meeting @ 6:00 PM

21             Fri.        Start Sign Up for Turkey Shoot (to 11/11)


14             Mon.      Play Turkey Shoot  (10:00 AM Shotgun)

23            Wed.       Start Sign Up for Santa Claus Open (to 12/11)

26             Sat.         Rob’s ‘Civil War Tournament’  &  BBQ  (TBA)


6               Tues.       Play Santa Claus Open  (10:00 AM Shotgun)

14             Wed.      Start Sign Up for Polar Bear Open (to 12/30)