Welcome to Summerfield

There was a 65% voter turnout for the CC&R ballot in September. That means that the 35% that didn’t vote counted as a NO vote. There were just two of the five sections that passed, the Late Fee change and the General Housekeeping changes. The other three items were very close to the required 60% YES vote, but didn’t pass. What’s next? The approved changes will be recorded with Washington County and a copy of the revised document will be mailed to each residence. At some point in the future, the SCA Board may appoint another CC&R Review Sub-Committee to consider changes again. There are some parts of our CC&Rs that are outdated / unenforceable and perhaps there are other ways to rewrite them, other ways to educate / explain and other ways to encourage voter participation. The final results and percentages are as follow: Section 1.5 Signs: 55% YES and 45% NO (10% said no, 35% didn’t vote). Section 1.6 Use of Property: 58% YES and 42% NO (7% said no and 35% didn’t vote). Section 1.9 Occupancy: 53% YES and 47% NO (12% said no and 35% didn’t vote). Section 2.3.2 Due Date and Late Payment: 60% YES and 40% NO (5% said no and 35% didn’t vote). General Housekeeping (spelling, punctuation, minor language corrections): 62% YES and 38% NO (3% said no and 35% didn’t vote). Thank you very much to our CC&Rs Sub-Committee and our Inspectors of Election. Questions? Email SCA Administrator, Cari Lindsey at sca55@comcast.net or call 503.620.0131.


Welcome to Summerfield!  Summerfield is an age 55+ planned residential community located in Tigard, Oregon.  Built on 203 acres, Summerfield includes 40 acres dedicated to recreation, including the Clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pool and a beautiful 9-hole executive golf course.  There are approximately 1,625 residents in Summerfield and everyone who lives in Summerfield is a member of the Summerfield Civic Association.  The annual assessment entitles residents to the use of the common facilities.