Newcomers Welcome

Summerfield Newcomers Welcome Committee


Once a year, unless a special need arises

  1. Members:

The Chairperson of this Committee is approved by the SCA Board.  The commitment is for two years, with the option for a third year.  It is best if a Co-Chairperson is selected to assist the Chair.  The Chair recruits a member from each of the nineteen areas that Summerfield is divided into and these committee members welcome new residents in their area.

Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the Newcomer Welcome Committee in it’s mission to welcome all new residents to Summerfield.
  2. Work with the office to update the packet of information about Summerfield which is mailed to new residents from the office.
  3. Preside over the annual meeting in May to share new information and discuss the plan for the upcoming reception.
  4. Lead the Committee in organizing an annual Newcomer reception which is held in July.
  5. Recruit new committee members as members retire.
  6. Packet information:
    1. Welcome letter from the Summerfield Administrator
    2. A map of Summerfield
    3. A organizational chart explaining how Summerfield is governed
    4. Assessments and Fees
    5. Swimming Pool Rules
    6. Golf Course Rules
    7. Summerfield Clubhouse Use Application
    8. Architectural/Landscape Manual
    9. Change Request/Landscape-Architectural Form
  7. Verbal Information to be given to new residents by committee member: After receiving the name of a new resident in your area:
    1. Call and identify yourself as their newcomer representative.
    2. Ask if there  are  any questions regarding the information packet
    3. Ask is there are any questions about life in Summerfield
    4. Offer information on where and when to get a FOB (Office hours 8AM-Noon)


Newcomer Welcome Reception:

Annually , the Committee hosts a reception for all newcomers who have arrived since the previous reception. The Reception is held in July.  At these receptions,  A SCA Board representative, Committee Chairs and Clubs and Activity representatives are invited to present information and extend a welcome.