Marshals / Starters

To enhance the experience of golf for both the public and residents of Summerfield while keeping the golf course in good condition and enforcing the rules/guidelines.  Keep vandalism down.

There are 41 volunteer marshals.

The marshals have had a positive effect on the course as pace of play has been kept up, as well as, the vandalism has been kept down.  The marshals are the ambassadors of Summerfield, as they have a friendly outgoing attitude and encourage players on the course to have a great time while making sure the pace of play is in effect.

Some of the duties of the marshals are to rake traps if possible, pick up tee pieces and repair tee boxes.  One of the things that most marshals end up doing each day is finding golf clubs left on the course and returning them to the players as they tour the course.

Next time you are playing and a marshal comes by, give him or her thanks for being here as they are all volunteers and do enjoy being on the course with you.