Marketing and Communications


The Marketing and Communications Committee develops and recommends a marketing plan to the SCA Board.  The marketing plan requires approval of the SCA Board.


The committee meets on a monthly basis.  Once the initial marketing plan is complete and approved, the committee may choose to meet less frequently, for follow-up purposes.


Membership includes seven residents of Summerfield who show an interest and may have skills related to marketing and communications. There will be three additional non-voting members, the administrator, golf pro and a board liaison.

The first chairman will be elected by the committee and appointed by the SCA Board.  Subsequent chairmen will be elected by the committee every two years and approved by the SCA Board.

Officers shall consist of a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. The vice-chairman will
preside in the absence of the chairman.

The secretary will keep the minutes. A copy of the minutes will be given to the administrator and two copies to the SCA board liaison member.


The marketing and communications committee will develop and implement a two year plan.  The subsequent plans could be of a different time length, shorter or longer, at the discretion of the committee.

The marketing plan will have both internal and external goals/programs/events, all identified with timelines, accountability, budget and evaluation.

The comprehensive marketing plan will contain key messages that unite all of SCA’s communications with internal and external audiences.

The committee will oversee the implementation of the board approved marketing plan.