Members:  In order to maintain a continuity of the golf course operations, the five members of the Committee will serve on a three year staggered basis.  Each Committee Member shall be replaced following their three year anniversary; that person’s replacement will be selected at large by the Greens Commieee and approved by the SCA Board of Directors. Additionally, the current Chairpersons of the Men’s & Women’s Golf Clubs, the Marshals / Starters Committee Chairperson and the Starters Chairperson may attend the Greens Committee meetings as voting members and offer motions for the Greens Committee’s consideration.

Chair:  The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by Committee members and approved by the SCA Board of Directors each year based upon that person’s experience with golf course management and/or experience on the Greens Committee.

Ex-Officio Members:  The Ex-officio meeting participants, such as the current SCA Board Liaison to the Greens Committee, the Golf Course Superintendent and the Golf Professional may participate in the meetings, but cannot vote or make motions.


Meetings of the Committee will be the first Thursday of the month in January, March, May, July, September and November.  Special meetings may be called by the Chair.


The purpose of the Greens Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Summerfield Civic Association Board of Directors to ensure stability and continuity in the planning and implementation of improvements relating to golf course activities.  In this capacity, the Greens Committee serves as liaison between the golfing community and the Board of Directors to insure the Board is made aware of entire community needs prior to being asked to make decisions relating to the golf course.


1)         Develop and maintain long term plans and objectives for the Summerfield Golf Course, and submit to the Summerfield Civic Association Board for final approval.

2)         Monitor all major budgetary, procurement, and policy changes having long term impact on the golf course operation (such as irrigation, equipment, cart paths and general conditions of the golf course)  to provide the Board of Directors recommendations and advise as to how proposed actions impact long term objectives.

3)         Maintain liaison with club members and the Board of Directors regarding golf course operations.

4)         Assist the golf course Superintendent in an advisory capacity.

5)         Keep up-to-date on member desires and serve as a buffer between the members, the Superintendent, the Golf Professional, and the Board of Directors.