Common Area Landscape


To establish and maintain landscaping that is pleasing to view based on current public acceptance, attractive in all seasons and easy to maintain.  The goal is for the Common Area landscaping to enhance the beauty of the Summerfield Civic Association property.  The Common Area Landscaping Committee is a standing Committee of volunteers within the operating structure of the Summerfield Civic Association (SCA).  Official policies and procedures for the Committee’s operation, membership and responsibilities are maintained in the SCA office.


The Committee consists of five (5) to nine (9) Summerfield residents, all in good standing with the Association.  Each member will serve a two year term with the option of serving a third year.


Officers consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson Secretary and Operating Budget Manager.  The Committee is assigned a liaison from the SCA Board of Directors to participate in meetings and provide direction from the Board.


The Committee will meet at the Clubhouse monthly or as needed.


The Committee is responsible for all Outside Common Areas, except the Clubhouse building exterior, tennis courts, swimming pool and golf course.  The Committee will work with the other Committees, SCA Board, Administrator, Golf Course Superintendent, Clubhouse Custodian and Golf Professional as necessary.

General Responsibilities include:

  • Determine plant and hardscape addition and replacement needs, determine seasonal plantings, and design landscape when an area requires an overhaul; order plants and arrange labor.
  • Monitor all Common Areas landscape and hardscape (patio, paths, benches, fountains, lamps) for acceptable appearance, proper maintenance by contractor(s) and identify any necessary action in case of failures of any landscape or hardscape.  Contact maintenance contractor to arrange for correction of problem or take other action as necessary to correct failure.
  • Monitor irrigation during growing season; notify maintenance contractor when to start-up in spring and shut-down in fall, and when repairs are needed.
  • Determine budget for coming year for new and replacement plants and other landscape and hardscape needs; submit proposed budget to Board for approval; approve and track ongoing expenses to assure budget is not exceeded.  Work with Administrator on selection of contractors for ongoing maintenance and special work; obtain bids as necessary or required.
  • Documentation -maintain updates to common area descriptions and maps; document any issues, concerns, resolutions, etc. for future reference. Distribute all new or updated documentation to all Committee members, SCA Board and Administrator as necessary.