“I selected Summerfield because it is a community where people pay attention to and acknowledge each other.  The active life style and positive social climate make me feel young and alive.” ~ Barbara Stayton, 11 year resident

“Eighteen years ago, as we began to honestly look and evaluate our needs and dreams of life in retirement, it became obvious that Summerfield was the place for us.  It offered multiple housing options for the years ahead.  It offered the amenities that we knew would attract people with whom friendships could be built.  And very important for us, Summerfield is surrounded by a full spectrum of support services we might want or need.  It is one of the best decisions we ever made.” ~ Joyce Astrup

“There’s nothing like an hour — sometimes stretched to two — at the pool during the summer. From instant relaxation as I step into the 88 degree water to the camaraderie of the residents who also enjoy a swim, I wouldn’t give up my pool time for anything. Oh, I almost forgot. It is good exercise too!” ~ Diana Miller, Brookside Condos

“I’ve lived here and in Oregon one year and two months; and I think Summerfield in the Great NW’s best kept retirement secret.  I have a logo to go on my vehicle (yet to be placed) which says exactly that.  I love the people, the pool and the location!  All three of those are just perfect from my experience.  I’m not involved in much yet and currently prefer it that way.  It’s nice that we can also choose to be involved at our own desired pace.  I love NOT living in that Portland traffic; but yet, having easy access to all the things I need on a daily basis.  But, can also go into Portland easy enough if desired.  Being this close to the two major highways (and the coast and the mountains) and yet living in a nice, quiet, relatively FLAT area (which is great for bike riding — and the local bike paths available are pretty nifty also) is just perfect!  Ooops – forgot one thing — the beauty of Summerfield can’t be beat – for a pleasant place to live.” ~ Jo Holland, moved from Iowa

“My husband and I moved here six years ago because we were looking for a safe neighborhood with a sense of ‘community’.  Neighbors here become friends who look out for each other.  We don’t play golf any longer, but we enjoy walking the beautiful streets, working out in the gyms, participating in the Garden Club and the Craft Club and finding great books to read from the Summerfield Library.   We have made some wonderful friends here and continue to meet new acquaintances who might possibly become friends.  We have no plans to move from Summerfield.  It’s a wonderful place to live.  It was a wise choice for us.” ~ Karen Bachofner

“I lived in Tigard before Summerfield was developed. My husband and I dreamed of  the day we might possibly be able to move to Summerfield. We loved the grounds, the friendliness of the residents and the ‘sense of community’ that was Summerfield. I worked for forty-nine years in the public sector as a Community Health Nurse. I worked with many diversified neighborhood associations and communities with all socio-economic levels.  After I was widowed I thought long and hard about where I wanted to move. Where would I feel safe and where could I have companions of similar ages and interests? I was fortunate to find a home in Summerfield 5 years ago. I have the most wonderful, kind and caring neighbors. Our entire street has monthly dinners and we watch out for each other without being intrusive. I volunteer on a committee in the community and I have met many residents as a result of this opportunity.  I do not golf, but enjoy watching the golfers as I drive down Summerfield Drive. I love sitting by the clubhouse and watching the golfers and the ducks.  There are amenities here for everyone, especially a well stocked library. Whatever your hobby or special interest may be there is an opportunity to share those interests with others, both during the day and in the evenings.  There are many veterans in this community and you see an abundance of flags flying every day. It is a great place to live!  I am proud to say I live in Summerfield.” ~ Larrie Noble, Colonel, Retired

“We moved here in the fall of 2005, after deciding to downsize to a one-story home with a 3-car garage, and were looking between West Slope and the Bethany areas.  We were very lucky to have friends who lived in Summerfield who encouraged us to look here.  They not only invited us out to Tigard, but drove us around in two golf carts to see the green side of Summerfield.  As we drove, we were introduced to so many really friendly people (more than we could possibly remember).  All were asked if they knew of any homes coming up for sale with three-car garages, and all promised to keep their eyes and ears open.  It paid off; we found a home on the golf course and snapped it up….

After remodeling and moving in, we have said repeatedly that it’s like living in a friendly small town AND like being on vacation!  We can be as involved as we want. We happen to like volunteering and have been involved in the Architecture, Website, Clubhouse, Marketing Committees and the Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs.  We like knowing what’s going on in our community.  We know if we want a new scene, all we have to do is find a craft or game group, committee or club that sounds interesting and we’ll be into new friends and experiences.

Oh yes, we grin from ear to ear on nice summer evenings while sitting on our patio, looking out at the golfers going by, patting ourselves on the backs and saying this is the best move we could have ever made.”~ Leigh & Sharon Wilcox

“Like about Summerfield?  Besides the golf course we enjoy the proximity to downtown Portland, Lake Oswego, and Beaverton without major traffic issues. The volunteer opportunities are a plus for us – one of the benefits of being self managed.  What brought us here? Affordability plus location to major metro areas…and the golf course.   We live in a townhouse which means low yard maintenance so we can leave for weeks without worries.  Why do we stay?  We are having fun! We keep very busy with SCA sponsored activities plus the numerous neighborhood events.  What are we involved with?  Townhouse Board of Directors; SCA Board of Directors; SCA Committees; Poker Club; Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs, bunko neighborhood groups. We can get involved with as little or as much as we want.” ~ Rod Sacconaghi